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Did You Realize?

A critical machine that is out of operation could
cost you thousands of dollars an hour!
One key machine that is operating at less than
peak efficiency may
cost you thousands of dollars a day!
Upgrading an aging machine can
cost up to 90% less than buying new!
Upgrading an aging machine could
reduce your energy usage up to 75%!

“Machine Doctors” is the machinery service arm of
Innalytical Solutions Incorporated.  We use a network of skilled resources to offer our customers full-service care for industrial machinery “from conception to retirement!”

We can help you keep your machinery running at peak performance. Whether you need help troubleshooting equipment or a complete upgrade of your control system, our years of experience with industrial equipment and knowledge of all the latest technologies allow us
to help you keep your factory humming!

We specialize in the repair, optimization, and upgrade of unique, custom, and specialty machines that are often difficult to support. Our services also include supporting machines that no longer have factory support (Gilman Engineering, Midwest Automation, Rockford Automation, Hanson Welding, Cardinal Production, etc.)
or with obsolete / unsupported components.

We have a track record of successfully implementing many of the most challenging technologies such as laser cutting, laser etching, vision inspection, vision gauging, bar coding, RFID, linear servo motors,
servo / motion control, CNC controls, and robotics.

Paul Terpstra, our Chief of Staff, has developed and commissioned a wide variety of machines over the past 25 years. His expertise is available to diagnose, and cure, the ailments your
critical machines may be experiencing today!

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The Machine Doctors
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